About Us

Mrs Pranoti Nimbalkar

Innovative Health Care Services is founded and conceived by Mrs Pranoti Nimbalkar. Communication is an important aspect of dealing smoothly in ones personals and professional life. Innovation Health Care Services brings to the front this communication gap between the patients, doctors and medical institutes and works towards bridging the same.

Technology has gained new heights and automation has darned over humans in many aspects. Human touch and personalisation is soon seeing its end in most industries. Although this has made life easier and quicker, an explanatory and satisfactory response is missing. Innovative Health Care Services makes happen this personal human touch through their services bringing to the fore front a well-managed and updated service.

Mrs Nimbalkar aims at bringing back the lost synergy between the doctor and patients. A well teamed company with trained doctors, hospitals, required professionals and patients choose to combine the advances of technology at the same time seeks to maintain a carefully grafted sense of personalisation leading to happy customers.

Via Innovation Health Care every doctor can be assured of updated and dependable data to make his routine for the day more fruitful and efficient.

Happy patients and Happy doctors!


Dr Manisha Matkar

Dr Manisha Matkar acts as a pillar in the Innovative Health Care Services set up. An MBBS, DGO with strong values like honesty, good orator and her confidence through 15 years in the medical and social field helps to define the core requirement of Innovative Health Care Services. She is the guiding force behind improving all response, identifying new ideas, and the brain behind the marketing strategy of the team. A commendable passion for travelling, music, books and ensuring quality time with loved ones. She believes in emphasizing her energy in chasing the vision statement of an ideal doctor-patient communication in and outside the hospital.